Thursday, October 22, 2009

Words and THE Word

Church can be a very wordy place, don't you think? We read 2-3 lessons from the Bible. We sing numerous songs. The pastor preaches pages of words. And then there are prayers.

What do you think about all the words in a worship service?

How does THE Word of God live in our human words for you?


Etherjazz said...

Sometimes I think we get overloaded by words. It's important to keep the message as focused as possible and try to provide quiet times between the words for reflection and to hear God's voice within us.

Jennifer said...

I'll be honest, I get lost in all the words. I need a lot of quiet and time to reflect. I miss the fold down "kneeling thing" (I'm sure it has some official name)we had in the church I attended as a child. When I am quiet my mind is active and listening for God's voice, when I am processing all those words I sometimes find it hard to really hear.

Pastor Donna said...

I appreciate your reminders that silence or quiet time between sets of words (lessons, message, liturgy, or prayers) is really important. Also, it was suggested we remind people that they are welcome at West Linn Lutheran to use the railing around the altar for kneeling and prayer after receiving communion. We don't have that capability in the pews. Words and silence really do need to go together, don't they!

Sheron said...

During the season of Advent; there are some countries that give gifts to each other by Dec.6th. From that day forward they Celebrate the Birth of Christ. Is that not what is all about?
What is Christs Birth Date? Did the Pope actually set the celebration to be 25th Dec.?
I do believe in God,Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate services that focus on scripture and core teachings of the church, such as WLLC. The extended service though, has made it hard for me to keep my daughter engaged.